Asterisk Release to be used for RHEL5

Hi All,
I am quite new to asterisk so I am not able to figure out which asterisk release needs to used for RHEL5 (RedHat Enterprise Linux Server version 5 (Tikanga) ).

I tried to search on net but couldn’t figure out any asterisk release tailor made for RHEL version 5 though i can get some info on asterisk releases for RHEL version 7.3, 8 and 9.

Henceforth, it will be nice on your part if you let me know which asterisk release I can choose for running asterisk over RHEL version 5.

Thanks & Regards
Shivam Agarwal

Most current 1.4, 1.6.0 or 1.6.1 versions, which are currently:, or Use those on the current version of

If they are tailor made for anything, it is CentOS.