Realtime/Database problem

I am new to asterisk, and I am trying to set up a test server just for sip (for now). For the test is essential to store sip user account data in database. And that is what I’m missing.

Asterisk version is (same symptoms) from 1.0.7 thru today’s CVS

Conf’s are:

*** There is no sip.conf file

*** extconfig.conf

sipusers => odbc,asterisk

*** res_odbc.conf

dsn => testsql
username => testuser
password => testpwd
pre-connect => yes

*** Other conf files are default

*** odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini are correct and isql works

Asterisk connects to sql server but there is no retrieval of data. In log files and asterisk console there are no errors.

Commands in console “odbc show” and “odbc connect testsql” works fine but “sip show users” and similar show empty tables. On sql server exists database asterisk with table sipusers, with rows according to howto’s.

I cannot register with softphone, but when I put data from sql table in sip.conf I can.

Please help! Is there any way to deeper debug database connectivity/running conf in asterisk?

thanks in advance, cedomir

Looking at this post makes me smile at how far asterisk has come :wink: