Asterisk - Project We Bet E-Sport

Hello there from France,

This is my very first topic here :slight_smile:

For my studies I’m working on a project called “We Bet E-Sport”, a gamble website about E-Sports.

In order to improve our support capacity, we would like to install an asterisk server so our future clients can call our support team.

My question is, with Asterisk, can we connect our web interface to the server so we can make the call, hangup, transfert… via the web interface by clicking on a “call us” button to start the call and then manage the conversation via an overlay for example where can hangup or transfert the call.

Hope this is clear, have a good day :slight_smile:

The short answer is yes. You can write a WebRTC SIP client that runs in browser and connects to the Asterisk websocket. See something like

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