Asterisk as sip/websocket server for jssip

Hi there,
I found jssip project and I would like Asterisk with it. I am pretty new to both systems and I would like to make the same “demo” as on try I saw in readme that I need sip/websocket server - probably Asterisk is good candidate for this task for my Debian 9.

What I need is (ideally): Just several static accounts/poeple (with my addresses) and other people “dynamic” accounts via website should be able to visit online demo at my domain and these visitors should be allowed to call to static accounts/people. And dynamic users should be accepted just from origin of my website.

Example of configuration is highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

P.S. My knowledge is very limited in both Asterisk as well as Jssip with so any solution with as few steps as possible is appreciated :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Asterisk and webrtc are complex topics , and without a lot of up front knowledge of the two a “quick” solution is hard to come by.

That said you can check out the Asterisk wiki on how to configure and setup a webrtc client. Check out some of the links found here:

I made a detailed video on how to do this and get a WebRTC client running, you can check it out:

GitHub site:

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