Asterisk and webRTC?

I have played with Asterisk in the past, SIP only.

I am curious about the Asterisk/WebRTC capabilities. Could I use the most recent version that supports WebRTC as a “WebRTC only” platform? Meaning I don’t want to use the SIP capabilities at this time. Is there “WebRTC on Asterisk” documentation available?

I am thinking of a WebRTC gateway using Asterisk…for it’s “Presence” capability. Or am I looking at this wrong?

Thanks and appreciate your responses.


i don’t think Asterisk could be used as webrtc gateway…
it has only Sip over Websocket capabilities wich is used in case of webrtc with Sip signaling.

You need a signaling Server ,websocket server,to establish communication…Such as node.js

So, if you can do Sip -> Asterisk -> Webrtc why couldn’t you do WebRTC -> Asterisk -> Webrtc?

let’s make a webrtc call… :wink:

so we can speak…