How to configure 2 Asterisk Server A and Server B

Dear all i am new i have install Asterisk Server A ip address (extensions 1001 , 1002 , .)
install soft phone 2 pc’s working fine . Server B ip address (extensions 2001, 2002 ,…)
i need users of server A (extension 1001 ) dial server B (extension 2001 ) please help me .
i am using GUI interface (Asterisk 11 with Free PBX) kindly send me configuration .

(In pure Asterisk you would typically configure them as static address peers of each other, with no password, or the same on both. You would not use insecure. You then handle outgoing calls to other server like PSTN calls, and incoming ones like full DID ones. It’s all very basic stuff.)

In FreePBX lingo - you create a SIP Trunk between the servers and configure the routing rules, so the calls are routed according to the number patterns that you find in individual servers (different on individual servers).
This is a very basic thing, so you should not be having problems with it.