Hello Experts,

We are using asterisk server for paging announcement. We have 6 user extensions say 6001,6002,6003,6004,6005 and 6006 under page group 1000. We are using pjsip android/ios applications to make and receive calls

We have observed that whenever two users initiate a paging at a time to 1000 without delay, remaining users listening both announcements. Is it expected? if yes how to avoid this at asterisk server level

From our understanding, during paging progress one extension will be in announcement mode and remaining are in listening mode. Is my understanding correct?


That’s a function of the phones. The alternative would be that the second page didn’t come out.

The Page application sets up calls to multiple devices and places them in a conference, with a random conference number. If the devices are prepared to auto-answer more than one call, at the same time, they will connect to more than one such conference.