Asterisk on windows problem

hello everybody in this forum.

i have asterisk on windows up and running so well , but i have one question .

when i need to register for new account on asterisk server i have to add a tag in the sip.conf file in the /etc directory inside the asterisk installation directory and it works well but i need to make that in a database .

how can i connect asterisk to a database on windows and install an asterisk content management system to manage the accounts and so forth.

please i need help as soon as possible from the geeks here in this forum.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Asterisk came out with some thing a while back called Asterisk Real time. This allowed for asterisk to run off a data base. From what I know the asterisk that was done to work with windows is a real old verison which is not capable of real time. Where did you get this version of asterisk from ?