Asterisk on windows problem

hello everybody in this forum.

i just need to know how to connect asterisk server to adatabase to let our operators register and have their account up and running .
i had already installed asterisk server on my personal computer and i created one account by adding a new tag in sip.conf file in /etc directory in the main asterisk installation directory and i had successfully logged in using this user , but i need this process to be automative through registering in a database and then making asterisk reading this back during logging of operators.

Anybody can help me please .

Thank you geeks in advance.

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the info you seek can be found in, it is a wiki site which contains much Asterisk info. You would probably want to read up on ARA, the Asterisk Realtime Architecture. Under ARA, Asterisk is configured via a database which is queried whenever its info is required. So if you set your own custom apps or website to add information to this database it will immediately become live.
Thus a customer can sign up on your website which puts his info in the database, and asterisk will immediately start accepting his connections.

hope that helps!