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Does Asterisk work fine on Vmware Esxi Server?


See the answer just posted to the “newb” thread. In addition, you need to be careful to enable time services in VMWare tools.

I don’t know where to find it on the newb threads…

Asterisk works fine in visualized environment. Configure time synchronization from sntp and that’ll fine

You should never run time synchronisation software in a virtual machine. VMWare runs the software clock at highly variable speeds. You should run time synchronise the host (using full NTP - reference implementation) and then use VMWare tools to maintain the time in the virtual machine. Even then, if I remember correctly, only the RTC maintains good time.

The only case for running anything like SNTP is to run it, on boot and very occassionally, in one shot mode, to correct for the fact that VMWare maintains mean clock frequency, but doesn’t set the absolute time.

For more information, look news:comp.protocols.time.ntp for references to VMWare.

In particular see the heading “Synchronizing Hosts and Virtual Machines with Real Time” on page 13.