Asterisk on VMware and polycom ip phone

Hello ,
i installed centOS 5 under VMware , and i installed Asterisk , i test the connection between two x-lite under centOS (in the same machine ) and it works successfully ,
then i buy a polycom IP phone and i want to connect them with asterisk ,
i configure the phone but i have any connection with asterisk
in sip.conf

[test] type=friend context=default username=test secret=123456 host=dynamic
in extensions.conf

and i have a VM Nat network connection

can you help me please what i should do ?
thank you for any help ,

Hello ,
When i logged into the polycom phone Configuration Gui and under the Sip page, I set:

Under Outgoing Proxy: 192.168.x.x
Under Server 1: address=192.168.x.x, port=5060

Then under the Line Page under line 1 Information I have: Display Name=test,
address=192.168.x.x, Auth UserID=test, Auth Password=(password for extension test).
Under Line1 Server1 I have: address=192.168.x.x, port=5060.

i lunch asterisk and i call from polycom 1234 but i have nothing !! can you help please ?
Thank you ,