Setting up external polycom phone with Asterisk PBX

We have an old asterisk server installed in our office. We are primarily using Polycom SoundPoint IP 501 phones. I would like to install a phone at someones house that could connect to the PBX over the Internet. Right now I have a one-to-one NAT setup on the firewall to the asterisk box behind it to get full access to it. What changes do I need to make to the configuration files to get the phone to connect. The version of Asterisk that we are running currently is 1.0.9. I’ve got an FTP server running that the phone is able to download configs from. Thanks for your help.

in sip.conf set externip= and localnet=. for the phone that will be outside, set nat=yes

in rtp.conf define a reasonable range of ports. 300 or so is good for most setups.

on your router, make sure udp ports 5060 and whatever range you put in rtp.conf will go to the * box.

Now on the polycom phone, either enable STUN if it supports this feature or set its nat IP / external ip / contact header IP / whatever to be the external IP of the network it’s on. This isn’t always required but will fix one-way audio issues.

Hope that helps!