Asterisk on Ubuntu Breezy (v5.10)

I have recently started to enjoy Ubuntu (rated highly) on the desktop but struggled with the package mangement environment a bit coming from SuSE/YaST. After sorting it out, I have successfully managed to get Asterisk v1.2.1 working on Ubuntu v5.10 without breaking the packages, too much.

[quote=“Wiki”]While Ubuntu has Asterisk in the distros, it is an old version at 1.0.9. In order to get the latest version compiled and running, you must first obtain and compile the libraries required for Asterisk:

* Openssl & -devel
* Ncurses & -devel
* Zlib & -devel 

To do this, you must have gcc v3.4 and run this command as sudo/root:

apt-get install cvs make gcc g++ libncurses5-dev libssl-dev zlib1g-dev

Once this is complete, you may follow the standard installation instructions from - Source[/quote]

This does work for desktop of course, although best to run on server for production. If anyone has any better practices for doing this by all means please post them here.

I’ll try this out as soon as I have a chance; previous installations on Ubuntu have failed every time for me, and I never knew why.

Hope this one works. :smile:


I have used ubuntu for a while now for *

Details of install are here … _on_ubuntu

here for email … il_delvery

and here for spandsp … nd_spandsp

Just make sure you do the server install at the start though.


I made a quick writeup of how to install asterisk from source on ubuntu server:

After fighting for some time to use the Asterisk package that I got from Ubuntu, I went ahead and used the tutorial listed above. Except for a problem getting mpg123 to compile, it worked great and I have been running ever since (thanks fizgig).

If I have a little time, I will try to find the instructions I followed to get the Zaptel drivers and Asterisk to run when the system boots up.