Asterisk on a VM

First of all, I’m new to Linux.
I just installed CentOs, Bluebox, and Asterisk on two different virtual machines. The instructions say to “point a web browser” to the system’s IP address. What web browser where? The ones on my physical machine (both Firefox and Internet Exploder running on Windows 7) won’t access the address. Neither virtual machine have anything else on them - both have CentOS, one has Bluebox, the other has Asterisk. Besides using microsoft products (which I detest, by the way - hence my foray into Linux), what on earth am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What instructions tell you to do this?

The instructions probably came with an Asterisk GUI. If that is AsteriskNow, the OP is in the wrong forum.

Plain asterisk does not require a web browser, and the sample configuration will not enable asterisk’s built in server.

there are two methods for this

first… you start the httpd or apache2 service (whichever webserver is installed on ur box)
then you can install lynx or firefox on your centOS box and point to
or, access it via your physical PC giving whatever ip it has… be it NAT or bridged… for e.g. poing your physical PC’s browser to and check if it opens up something…