Asterisk on 3.0 Ghz Dual Core Processor/667 Mhz

I just wanted to ask can asterisk 1.2.11 can run on a system with 3.0 Ghz Dual Core/667 Mhz. With 4 E1/T1 from digium. and g729 codec. Can the system hold this processes?

I would like also to ask where can I get a quotation of a digium 4 e1/t1 cards.

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I think that it would be preferable to have a single 4 port card rather than 4 x single port E1/T1 cards. I understand that the main problem with multiple cards is the number of interrupts generated on the PCI bus (however, have have not had a server running with more than two cards myself). Should be able to handle the load but it depends on the config and exactly how much transcoding there is likely to be and what else you will run on it. Is it for an ACD system (will queues be setup with lots of comfort messages, etc). Will it support voicemail or will you have a separate system for this? etc, etc, etc.

I’ll be putting some announcements and some IVR menus. The the E1/t1 card work with cas signalling?


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