Hardware requirements

We are looking to install an Asterix based IVR (auto -dialer, with no manual/agent intervention) over 12 E1 lines. Auto-dialer will call up phone number continuously in parallel over all 12 E1s for around 8-10 hours a day.

We will be using either Sangoma or Digium cards (4 port cards).

Need some guidance in determining server configurations required for the system:

  1. What is the config requirement - Processing power, HDD, RAM etc.?
  2. Is it better to go with ‘smaller’ servers (supporting one 4 port card each) or one ‘big’ server supporting all 3 cards (if possible at all)?
  3. There seems to be an issue with number of PCI and PCIe slots available on most server models. Do we go ahead with PCI compatible cards? Or is it possible to support more than 1 PCIe card on a single server (Given that most server models support only one half-length PCIe slot)
  4. Are there any compatibility issues specific to cards to be aware of?

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