Asterisk Not Working

I am new to the Asterisk CLI world. I have used AsteriskNOW and Elastix in the past and it works great since it is self installing and provides a GUI. I need additional options and the CLI version provides me the option I am looking for in a phone system. I need help because it is driving me insane. I have followed the instructions at this website ( but still end with the same results.

Asterisk starts after entering - “asterisk -vvvvc”

I then close the Asterisk CLI with - “core stop now”

When I enter - “asterisk -r” it says that it is unable to connect. I can then enter the command - “asterisk restart” and then “asterisk -r” and access the *CLI

I then try to add a phone (Linksys SPA942) without success. I enter the proxy address, user ID and secret passcode and still get orange lights.

Its driving me nuts that the *CLI does not show the phone even trys to connect. Your help would really help me to get the foundation of Asterisk done right.

Start it without the c option. That will put it into the background.

On most OSes, if you install it properly, it will start when the OS starts. I seem to remember that running make configs is the relevant installation step, when building from source.

Currently you are starting it interactively and then stopping it.