Asterisk Not Detecting Hangup

I have a total of 6 PSTN lines from two different provoders connected to my Asterisk Server, which is running Cent OS 4.5.
3 Analog Lines from provider A and 3 Digital Lines from provider B.

I am having problem with my 3 Digital Lines. Whenever someone calls any of the three digital lines and hangup, asterisk doesn’t detect that the person hangup, so the line is kept open forever or until i do a soft hangup.

I dont have any problems with the 3 analog lines.

I am using a TDM2400P card. Can anyone tell me how to fix this.


The TDM2400 is a analog card. What card are the digital lines connected to ?


sounds to me like his “digital” lines are probably POTS lines coming off of a telco provided channel bank. most channel banks dont provide disconnect supervision on a far end hangup… might be wise t oconvert all the Analog lines to Ground start…

Thats right cadillac. I called ,my provider and thats what they said. They also don’t provide disconnect supervision, so what i had to do was to use “Tt” in the Dial() command and that solved the problem.

The real problem is with Native bridging, once it does that, the calls never disconnect. So when i use the Tt , no bridging is done and when either of the caller hangup, the line disconnect.

Thanks for all you help. If i can be of assistance to anybody, just let me know.