Asterisk Nortel BCM50 Digital phones not working

Hi everybody

I’ve have been helped a lot by this forum. I’m actually in a project to implement a call center connecting Elastix (installed on Red Hat Enterprise 5.6) with Nortel Meridian CS1000 option 11c, Nortel BCM50 and other Cisco systems.

I’ve traveled a long way connecting all this systems trough h323 trunks, that’s why I used asterisk 1.8.4 under Elastix 1.6.

I can help if someone has problems with configuration files or other stuff, bur right now I’m facing a big trouble. There are some digital phones (Nortel T7100 and T7316) behind the Nortel BCM50 that can’t connect to Elastix.

The IP phones under the BCM50 work fine both ways, but the digital ones(Nortel T7100 and T7316), when I call to them from an Elastix extension it rings, but it just hangs up when picking up. Same when calling from the digital phones to Elastix.

I’ve done some testing and the way the IP phones can work is when I put this in the ooh323.conf file:


My tests showed that when faststart is enabled, there’s no audio in the IP phones, but the communication is fine when an Elastix extension calls to the digital phones, although the problem where the Nortel phones can’t call to Elastix still remains.

I’ve made some search and discover that digital phones cannot be connected to Asterisk directly unless using a citel gateway or something like that, is this the case even if the digital phones are passing trough the Nortel BCM50?

Also, the h323 debug shows messages like the following when the call hangs up

ooh323 indicate 20 on call
ooh323 indicate 3 on call
ooh323 indicate -1 on call

On the other hand, when a call is completed in an IP phone or having faststart enabled and calling to the digital phone it shows somethign diferent

ooh323 indicate 20 on call
update writeformat to ulaw
It doesn’t shows “indicate 3” or “-1” and it seems like both sides get an arrangement of which codec to use, unlike the hanging up call.

I would really appreciate some help in here

thanks in advance