Asterisk Newbie

[i]Hello there,

I`m new to Asterisk, just head about it last week. I have an old P III and decided to use it for asterisk. The problem now is, I have installed Linux, but I dont know how to Install Asterisk on it, as I never used Linux. If there is anyone who could help me out on how to install Asterisk on my linux system.

Yuni[/i] :smiling_imp:

Try these…

Both of these are good sources of info.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the info, I still do not understand some parts, I have never used Linux, How do I install, and start Asterisk on Linux ?


First google is your friend. Second you can try to look for help on IRC. channel is #asterisk on 2 1/2 years ago I knew nothing on linux and now I know a lot. Playing + google = knowledge. What version of Linux are you using ? For basic commands just go to google and type in your question. Your question will usually get an answer. Also you can ask on the users list at

Check out Twixbox. It is a all in one bootable version of Asterisk that you can get running in about an hour.

It will give you the ‘bug’ and after some time you will probably want to reload your own machine from scratch, but this will get you started.

I would agree, if you really do not understand linux basics at all then you perhaps should go for a self configuring option. The links I gave you explain it all in a step by step style that is as basic as you can get.
The other option might be to pay someone to do it for you so that you can get some support when needed.

Sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear!


I do not agree with kolberda. While it may teach you the ropes it will teach you in the wrong way. I see it as teaching a child who is walking for the first time to use crutches. If you get down and dirty with asterisk it will help you in the long run.