Asterisk - new file created while using "vi"

While i was modifying the dial plan i noticed that in the same directory showed up a file named “1” with the extension “.file” that has the same content as the dial plan file i was modifying. It also created a dial plan file with the extension .swp, and this file is deleted automatically after the pbx restart, that’s a temporary file, right? But the file “1.file” is still there with the same size and content as my dialplang.conf file.

why is that? and is it safe to delete it?

i check on file manager and noticed that. it might happen because of a network interruption at some time. but can i delete that file 1.file now?

And what can i do to prevent this from happening?

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I assume it is a backup file. Which implementation of vi are you using. In any case, this isn’t an Asterisk question.

then? linux?

i see there is:

VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4 (2013 Aug 10, compiled Aug  9 2019 03:16:06)

The .swp file is explained in the man page. The other file doesn’t obey the normal backup file name conventions, but I suppose that they might be configurable. The normal convention is to append a tilde.

vim isn’t limited to Linux, but a Linux forum is going to be a better place.

I can’t find any configuration option that would result in this.

Ok, thanks much!

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