What does this screen Mean? What to do after this?

Please consider and Kindly do the needful. Thank you.

This is actually not Asterisk-related. Swap files are created by the OS. In this case, you most likely have the file open already. This could be in another terminal window, perhaps one that was closed without closing the file. I would recommend reading up on swap files and becoming familiar with them.

Isn’t this ‘swp’ created by VIM? (I’m an emacs kind of guy.) I suspect most Google results will be for OS swap files, so read carefully :slight_smile:

Yep, my bad! This is a VIM .swp file, not OS swap file. I got ahead of myself :slight_smile:

As sedwards said, it’s VIM-related and a temporary file.

The message appears to include all the answers.

Probably extensions.conf file during edition have pressed ctrl+z it will pause, you can recover by the fg command.

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