Any way to recover an Asterisk extensions.conf file?

I recently went into my extenstions.conf file to add a couple more lines. I guess when I was editing it, my logs completely filled my hard drive, and when i went to save the file, it saved it blank since there was no space left on the hard drive.
Anyone know if there’s a way to retrieve it? I’m running Asterisk 1.4.5. I’ve done ‘dialplan save’ and directed the output to a file, but i’ll need to seriously edit it down before it’s usable.
I guess this will teach me a lesson or two about not setting up log rotate and backups. :smile:


you might want to try ls -al and see if there is a .extensions.conf there. Vi and most editors will creat a temp file


No any .extensions.conf there, maybe that is a disaster

Sounds like it :frowning:

but dialplan save should write a extensions.conf that IS you working dialplan

so it shouldn’t need much editing