Asterisk-mssql connection issue

i have done connection between asterisk-1.8 and msaql server 2012 and we are getting proper cdr data into mssql 2012 but after some days i face the below mention messages and asterisk stop works(stuck):=

chan_sip.c: The ‘username’ field for sip peers has been deprecated in favor of the term 'defaultuser’
** cel_custom.c: No mappings found in cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom CSVs.**
** cdr_tds.c: Table name not specified, using ‘cdr’ by default.**
** High Resolution Time not found, using integers for billsec and duration fields by default.**
** Changed database context to ‘master’.**
** cdr_tds.c: Changed database context to ‘SmartVoiceCall’.**
** cel_tds.c: cel_tds has no global category, nothing to configure.**
** cel_tds.c: cel_tds module had config problems; declining load**
** pbx_ael.c: Starting AEL load process.**

i have do all the troubleshooting but didn’t get any solution of this issue
please give the solution of this issue on urgent base?

Mainstream support for Asterisk 1.8 ceased over seven years ago!!!

None of the messages appear to be forerunners of crashes or deadlocks, and, for most of them, the way to avoid the message is described in the message itself, e.g. for the first one, replace “username” by “defaultuser”, in your SIP configuration.

If the last one is the very last message produced, it is suggestive that the the crash happened when initialising support for AEL. You could try specifying it as noload, to see if it gets further. However, for any crash, you need to move to a current version, unless you are an expert debugger and are locked into an obsolete version for other reasons.

thanks you for reply

but mr.david why asterisk stucked after getting above message ?
can you tell the permanent solution of this issue ?
after restart the asterisk its work fine, so there is request to you tell the solution,why asterisk stop work and why cdr_tds error message comes?

how can we create the php script for multiple outbound calls at a time with call status by .call autocall?

There is insufficient information to answer the first question, and any answer to the second question will be conditional on your upgrading to the latest subversion of a currently supported version, as no-one is going to spend time debugging such an old version.

Thanks for reply …Mr.david551 …but do R & D on old version is not wasting of time b’coz doing R & D on old versions will give some positive results and also help us for improving latest versions so we should also do R & D not only new versions but also on old versions…“Old isGold”

There are people that will accept paid consultancy work on these forums and might be prepared to work with an obsolete version of the code. How much are you prepared to pay?

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