SetCDRuserfield + MSSQL


Have spent quite a while overcoming FreeTDS and ODBC for MSSQL, quite a lot of pitfals for anyone considering. Some proper debugging time could be spent on it.

I am writing an app using the manager interface to send commands to Asterisk, mostly this is fine apart from the Userfield, I have tried many permuations of formatting and sending the command and have not had any success. Unfortunately documentation on this is extremely limited. Does anyone know how to format the command so I can put a custom value in the Userfield column of the CDR on an MSSQL database? Is ther anything else I need to do to enable the userfield, I have read that * needs recompiling for this filed in the CSV but it is unclear if this is the case for anything else.

For anyone with the answers, there is a huge call for MSSQL support, I think it is great that traditionally MS based consumers are even considering the open source route, with a lack of support for relatvely simple tasks it will be increasingly more difficult to pursade more to come over…

Thanks in advance,


I do know that in cdr_mysql.conf the userfield=1 command must be defined as by default it is commented out. But besides that does anyone have a proper answer to the following I am trying to do the same.