Asterisk module documentation

Hello Everyone, Who has the Asterisk module documentations ?? Such as the Register Server of the Asterisk, Proxy Server of the Asterisk, Redirect Server of the Asterisk, Location Server of the Asterisk, Who has the Asterisk module documentations??? My Email is
Thank you !!!

It is not clear what you are asking for.

In any case Asterisk is not a proxy server, even for SIP (most of your terms are, I think, specific to SIP, but Asterisk is not just for SIP).

I’m going to guess, though, that it doesn’t exist, except in the form of the source code (documentation for configuration files does exist in the sample configuration files, and documentations for the APIs is built into the application and can be accessed using the CLI “help”, “core show applications”, “core show functions”, and “manager show commands”, etc., commands. htp:// has a book which combines the above with various tutorial and background information.