Help:can asterisk be set up as a sip server or sip proxy?

can asterisk be set up as a sip server or sip proxy?how to configure?


Almost all the information you need is here:

I was wondering about that myself, and sure enough, I quickly received an answer like: “yes, of course, it can do that”.

I really tried to find out the answer to the next question (HOW?) but I gave up. I decided to use [Open] SIP Express Router as a server and proxy, because it can take you months to find out how to do something with Asterisk.

All you can do with the current documentation is to set up a few extensions.
Forget about setting a SIP server. Everybody will tell you: “yes, it can be done” but nobody seems to know how.

In addition to downloading all the available docs, I just purchased the book (currenltly reading it) and I am planing to take the class in San Francisco in November. Hopefully I will be able to know the Hows then.

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Maybe you’re not explaining quite clearly enough exactly what you want to do. Asterisk, with SIP phones connected as extensions, is a SIP server. If you can get extensions working you’ve got a SIP server working.

Well, that’s my interpretation of it, anyway. What do you mean by a SIP server

And my interpretation of a “SIP proxy” is a SIP server (i.e., asterisk with SIP extensions) which forwards calls from those extensions to other phones or servers via the internet, or something similar, and can accept calls from phones and servers on the internet and relay them to the SIP extensions.

If those are not what you mean by proxy and server, then maybe you should explain exactly what you do mean and then maybe someone will be able to help.