Asterisk, MixMonitor and Queues

Dear all,
i have some questions regarding MixMonitor in general but also recording in queues. I am using asterisk with dynamic queues (mysql) configured.

I record calls via the dialplan but i know that there is an option to enable queue recordings using mixmonitor by using the queue configuration options (either from the config file or from mysql table settings by providing the right value to monitor_join column (1 to enable recording using mixmonitor according to documentation). As i also understand calling mixmonitor on a channel which already had mixmonitor called on will result in subsequent calls being ignored. Is my understanding correct?

This can be done per queue or on all. My question is what happens with mixmonitor has already been called via the dialplan. Will it be called once again storing recordings into the asterisk spool directory?

Would disabling it be better if i am already initiating recordings using mixmonitor from the dialplan? Is there any benefit to using queue recording options provided from the queue configurations?

It also appears that there is no way of configuring mixmonitor, when called from the queues, to only record when a call has been bridged.

Can recording in app_queue be disabled altogether?

So this shed some light: