Asterisk missed call

Hello team,
How to manage missed call dialplan
I want to hangup call after 4 rings or 8 seconds time duration, when called on a particular did on E1, i dont want to receive the call only capture the missed call on the did.
pls share little guidance.

The dialplan should consist just of Wait, although it could also include a redundant Hangup.

Thanks David for your suggestion.
Actually intention is to match missed call number with our local database/file for number verification and to call back to caller.

Pls suggest solution If system will call to missed call number and it needs to connect live call with IVR. should we go to conference/meetme of else.
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You can read ${CALLERID} just before ending the call.

I don’t understand your second paragraph. I don’t see how conference or IVRs are relevant to allowing a call to ring for 8 seconds and capturing the caller’s number.

Also, Asterisk has facilities to read DTMF, and play recordings, rather than any concept of an IVR. That could mean you are trying to do this in FreePBX, in which case you need to be on their forum.

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