Disconnect call after 1 ring

hi iam a newbie to asterisk & i love this open source technology,
guys i need ur help…
i want to create a dialplan in which u dial & if its in ringing state, call get hungup after one ring.

this need might seem awkward to u, but from this what i want to achieve is valid ringing numbers,

i have about millions of customer number & out of it i want to find proper ringing numbers & disc the call within one ring so tha t customer gets a miss call & i get to know whether its a ringing n(valid) number or not

This technique can be misused to let people call back to expensive numbers, so i don’t give a copy-paste solution.
In the dialfunction you can set the option how long you try to call.
And you can use the CHAN_STATUS variable to see how the call reacted

Remember that some numbers can be busy too or that a mobile phone can be switched off.

It can also be abused to create lists of valid phone numbers for subsequent use in phone spam, and, when used with consenting recipients, denies revenue to the network operator, so may result in fair use violation action being taken against you.

In any case, there is no reliable way of knowing how many cycles of ring current were sent to the remote end.

thanks tomdemoor & david55 for ur help…
thanks a lot guyss…

special thanks to tomdemoor …

i would not be using this dial plan to abuse but here my motive is to find ringing number without investing any cost on telephone charges. CHAN_STATUS seems like will work for me. can u help me out for getting output og CHAN_STATUS in cdr.

u help would be very much appreciated

thanks a ton guys

because of the possibility of abuses i don’t give any further details because it is on a public forum.
And i wouldn’t tell you in privat either because i don’t know you.

thanks again… :smile: