Problems with originate in the AMI


Is there a problem with manager in 1.2.10 ? I have a clck to callback script that is writen in PHP which has been working faultlessly on 1.2.4. I have copied the script over to 1.2.10 and nothing…

The variable are being passed over OK but * doesnt attempt to make the call. all I see at the CLI is logon and logoff.

This isnt the exact one but an example


<?php $sys_ip = ""; $User_str = "user"; $Secret_str = "secret"; $strCustdata = "SIP/"; $WaitTime = "30"; $Socket = fsockopen($sys_ip, 5038, $errnum, $errdesc) or die("Connection to host failed"); fputs($Socket, "Action: Login\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Events: off\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Username: $User_str\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Secret: $Secret_str\r\n\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Action: Originate\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Channel: SIP/2207\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "WaitTime: $WaitTime\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "CallerId: 3456\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Exten: 3456\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Context: international\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Priority: 1\r\n\r\n"); fputs($Socket, "Action: Logout\r\n"); ?> [/code]

Does anyone have any ideas?


it’s been a while since i used my callback page … and it doesn’t seem to work for anything other than local stuff, e.g. SIP/200

using telnet and connecting, it hangs on the Channel: command when issuing something like “SIP/myprovider/123456789”

so i tried using “Channel: Local/123456789@from-internal/n” and that worked.

on another note, i keep meaning to ask you about your handset audio adapter thingies … they work ok ?


On 1.2.4 mine works fine both ways if required using the Local channel if you want to use an external number for the channel, But doesnt work at all either way in 1.2.10. Odd thing is another php script that a customer used with app conference now doesnt work wheras one I have in perl doing the same does!
This is doing my head as I need “want” to get this going for a conference invite system

As to the JPL adaptors, Yep they work well allowing the use of a normal handset or JPL headset. Do you want to buy one :wink:

ian, not sure what you mean by “both ways” ?

the adapters … was thinking of getting one to try, i’ve a few places that it would be useful for … how much ?

By both ways I mean
internal is a iax or sip extension, and external is a external pstn number dialed as per dialplan

Channel Exten
Internal external
external internal
external external

The above all worked.

As to the adaptors ?14.95 inc vat delivered. [/u]


I have far too many pressing things to do so switched it over to use a call file and it works…
When I get more time I will investigate whats not working in the later releases. or wait for 1.4 and see if app_conference works with it then use AJAM!