Asterisk Manager Originate problems

Randomly when I use the AMI originate function I just get a fast busy signal and cannot originate any calls for several minutes. This happens at least once per day and was observed in a low call volume scenario, suggesting the problem might worsen as load increases. During these time periods where AMI could not originate calls, hardphones and other equipment was still able to send/receive calls.

Is there anything I can do on either the AMI client or server side to improve robustness and have confidence that the AMI “Action: Originate” actually works as its documentation suggests it should?

EDIT: Killing my existing Tcp client’s connection to AMI and restarting a new Tcp connection to AMI sometimes permits me to makes originates off my new connection. However, sometimes I still get the fast busy and failure to place the call. However, there must be a better way than “refreshing” my AMI connection by killing and restarting it several times a day.