Manager API -> call to agi


What i need to do:

agent.agi - login my interface in system

i would call to 1001 using Manager API and login interface in Asterisk.
This is possible?

Now i use originate. Something like that:

Action: originate Channel: SIP/ekiga Context: default Exten: 1001 Prioriy: 1

This is work fine, but:

if i run my manager application with this parameters then Softphone(SIP/ekiga) start ringing. if i accept connection then agi start. I need something without accept connection.
“Quiet login”

ofcourse, i can put in my manager api application AddQueueMember, RemoveQueueMember and all my agi application convert to manager api, but i don’t want.

I would like to call and login my interface using manager api. Is this possible?

You should look into the Local/ channel in *. I have a feeling that will solve your problem.

It sounds to me like you are trying to fire up the AGI without having a real channel up, is that correct? … l+channels