Asterisk manager API use?

If I use:

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/103
Context: default
Exten: 102
Priority: 1

it will call phone 102 from phone 103 on my internal SIP phones network connected to Trixbox2.2.

How can I call some other number…like my cell phone…over IAX trunk???
I have IAX2 and SIP trunk on asterisk and phones are working fine. Now I’m making some kind of dialer and I need to know how to make outbound call…:frowning:

Let’s say your sip trunk is called “trunk1”, in the “default” context create an extension like this:


then in “Exten” you can put all the numbers whose first digit is 0, the number will be called through the sip trunk “trunk1”.

This should work and should be enough to let’s you start.


Yes. I have read documentation whole night to learn asterisk engine :smile:. Another way is to add preferred trunk in channel description (Chanel: SIP/trunk/number to call)
Thanks anyway. It is powerful toy, this Asterisk :smile:.