Asterisk +Linphone client zRTP +aes256

Hello community.

1.We are developing a private secure project with Asterisk server +Linphone modified client.
Our team modified Linphone for Android to run on zRTP+aes256 encryption. Do we need to enable zRTP on Asterisk as well or not? If yes how its possible to do so?

2.At the moment Asterisk allows us to log in, call and send messages but messages aren’t delivererd to offline peer after he gets online tho msg is marked as delivered on client side, even when recipient is offline. How to fix that?

3.Our client is modified to show online/offline status of contacts but we still cant make it work on Linphone modified android client. Everyone is marked as “offline” even when client is logged in.

Thanks for any help.
my Skype name : hudziyorka
Would be grateful for answer

I’m not aware of anyone doing zRTP work with Asterisk. Asterisk itself doesn’t natively support zRTP.