Asterisk & Linksys SPA962 Subnet Problem

Hi all,

I’m looking for any information regarding problems with Linksys’ SPA962 running on Asterisk with a subnet of We’ve narrowed down the problem to the subnet after successfully connecting the phone through two other networks with different subnets.

The Asterisk system is working correctly with 40+ phones of different makes and models including the Linksys SPA942 (which has no problems). The SPA962 will bootup and go no farther than the “Initializing Network” screen even with IP and DNS info manually configured. We’ve have eight of the SPA942’s in and have elminated a defaulty phone and updated the firmware with no resolution. For some reason the SPA962 doesn’t want to talk with a network that other phones (even other Linksys phones) have no problem with!

This definitely is a Linksys issue, but any help from any Asterisk users who have encountered this problem would be helpful! A thought on the problem was maybe a left over internal subnet of in the SPA962 when, what’s now a built-in WAN/PC switch, was changed over from a router on older models and adapted to this one?

Thanks for any thoughts on this issue!