Hardware for testing and learning

I have looked around the forum to see if anyone had asked a similar question and I couldn’t find anything. I do apologize if my question will sound obtuse, but I’m new…

I would like to get a Digium board mostly for learning and testing. I was thinking of getting a TDM400P Wildcard TDM04B board (4 FXO modules). I would like to connect 3 phone lines, 2 used for voice and 1 for fax. I would like the system to transfer IN calls to IP phones.

Would the TDM04B be the most flexible board for my learning purposes?
Can anyone recommend a good IP phone that has good business purpose features to price ratio?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

I’m satisfied about our Snom phones, snom.com.


if u really wana learn asterisk and use some cards, i just suggest u get CLONE CARDS, search on internet there are some clone intel and i think motorolla mdems that act like fxo card, so just purchase these cards bec they r very cheap. so u can test different scenarios on them.
A modem with the following chipsets should work:

Intel 537PG and 537PU
Ambient MD3200
Motorola 62802 - Sometimes incorporated onto cards known as SM56 PCI modems.

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