Asterisk is ignoring IAX phone calls

I’m using Asterisk 1.6.11, with a telephone provider that converts “real” phone calls into IAX connections. I’m also using FreePBX, but that shouldn’t really matter.

My problem is that Asterisk is ignoring incoming phone calls. When I start a phonecall, if I do iax2 set debug on, I see incoming packets, but I don’t get any other log messages indicating why the phone call is or isn’t working.

This is the relevant peer in iax.conf


If I do “iax2 show users” I can see the user:

Username         Secret                Authen           Def.Context      A/C    Codec Pref
gradwell         x      000000000000003  from-pstn        No     Host 

Any ideas why asterisk is ignoring the phone calls?

I’ve given up with this and converted to SIP for incoming phone calls.