Incoming call issue

Hello everyone

I have an trunk setup with and using Freepbx gui, trunk status indicates that the trunk is up and able to register with the provider.

I have setup incoming/outbound call routes, I’m able to make outbound calls.
I have also created an inbound route any DID /CID forwarded to single extension

the only issue I have been battling with is incoming calls , I have a DID setup with, and every time I dial the number, I hear silence for 2 -3 seconds and then I get “call ended” on my cell phone.

I have the following ports forwarded to my pbx 5060 5038 10001-20000

I can’t see any incoming calls in the logs, and It doesn’t even rings all my extension

how can I determine if this is an issue with my pbx? or an issue with the provider?

your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you

I have running fine with IAX2. I qualify frequently so that it keeps the port open on my router. They might not like that.


I use an it works fine. If you see nothing at all in the Asterisk log, then the call is not reaching Asterisk. Do you have a register statement in sip.conf? What does “sip show registry” show? (Assuming you are using sip and not iax. If you are using iax then you need to open port 4569.)