IAX Incoming calls

I finaly got asterisk to accept incoming calls from FWD through IAX2. On incloming call the local phone rings, but the remote end does not get rining and when I answer I get no audio connection.

Following is my extensions.conf context.

exten => ${FWDNUMBER}, 1, Noop(In from IAX)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER}, 2, Dial(${PHONE}, 20, Rt)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER}, 3, Voicemail,u${FWDVMBOX}
exten => ${FWDNUMBER}, 102, Voicemail,b${FWDVMBOX}

Any suggestions will be appreciated…

change R to r in the dial string.

if asterisk is behind NAT
set externip= and localnet= in sip.conf and canreinvite=no
forward udp port 5060 and the rtp range, defined in /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf

if the phone is behind nat on the same network, set nat=no for it
if the phone is behind nat on a different network it needs STUN.