Asterisk is Crash in AWS

I deploy Asterisk in Amazon EC2, but they crashed, i try recompile with --disable BUILD_NATIVE, but try continue crashed.
Asterisk version is 13.25.0
OS: CentOS 7
Someone can help me?

backtrace is in Attachments: (614 Bytes) (8.3 KB) (315.9 KB) (115.1 KB)

Posting an issue in the issue tracker and also posting here is generally not very polite. Pick one place to start, for example if it was confirmed on here that the problem seemed to be legit or it took awhile to get a response then an issue would have been fine.

i posted some time ago similar problem and was closed!

Sorry, I’ll be careful next time.

I analyzed the problem and reported on this post: Asterisk Crash coredump report json_mem_free

please close this