Asterisk crash using ConfBridge

Intermittently asterisk crashes. The common feature seems to be the ConfBridge application.

I have core dumps from the last two instances. Is anyone interested in examining them?

gdb shows:

#0 0x08148469 in ast_timer_ack (handle=0x9f2c498, quantity=1) at timing.c:169 #1 0x00221251 in softmix_bridge_thread (bridge=0x9f23990) at bridge_softmix.c:270 #2 0x0808217b in bridge_thread (data=0x9f23990) at bridging.c:370 #3 0x0814fb2b in dummy_start (data=0x9f251f8) at utils.c:968 #4 0x009dc4d2 in start_thread () from /lib/i686/nosegneg/ #5 0x0093248e in clone () from /lib/i686/nosegneg/

We are running on Centos.

As this is a superceded release candidate, and not the final release candidate, probably not. If you can reproduce them on the current version, you should attach them to a report on Another pre-requesite is that you have compiled with DONTOPTIMIZE set, but I think that is the case.

By them, I don’t mean the core dumps, I mean the set of backtraces (current thread, current thread full, all threads full) listed in doc/backtrace.txt.