Asterisk Implementation

I am looking at building an Asterisk system for my company. We have about 25 employees. Currently we have a T1 from XO Communications and an old Vodavi PBX with digital Starplus phones.

I am thinking about using the following:

Dell PowerConnect 3448P PoE Managed Switch
Polycom SoundPoint® IP 330 x Qty 25
Digium Wildcard TE120P

Will that Digium card be what I need to interface with my XO Communications T1? Are those Polycom phones decent?

Thanks in advance,

Jesse Angell

Polycom phones are good quality. We have 501’s in the office and they are just what we need. IIRC, the 330’s dont have full duplex speakerphone, so be aware.

Good point. We’ll need full duplex speaker phone. The 501 is a little pricey, is it worth it? Are there other phones I should be considering?

Will a T1 send caller id information?

i would go with the polycom 430’s

T1/PRI service will send caller ID information if it’s a feature thats on your existing plan. It all depends on the telco you’re going through. A few years back here in Cali, Pacbell (now AT&T) did not provide caller ID as a standard service on T1/PRI circuits, you had to ask for it.

I have to echo the Polycom 501 recomendations. I’ve used Cisco 79xx and Polycom 501/601’s. The polycom’s are half the price and in my experience outperform the Cisco’s hands down.