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Is there anybody who has build the cluster of asterisk servers. I want to build the HPC cluster of asterisk which can handle lakhs of call by asterisk.

Kindly appreciate your guidance.

as I understand it asterisk won’t cluster by itself that easily. The way i’ve usually heard of it being done is to put one or more OpenSER servers (which DO cluster) in front of *, and link them to multiple * backends…

Hi IronHelix thanks for your comments. Is there anybody in forum who can give different idea of creating asterisk cluster.

With FreeBSD, i’d done with LAM MPI, but you can use realtime with postgres, and load balance the dns servers like this:

1o - 10 asterisk servers loading extensions, sip, queue, etc… from a postgresql database;
2o - load balance your dns servers to this 10 asterisks;
3o - take care of your database server, if the the postgresql is down, all your sip accounts and extensions are down too (if you use a dynamic realtime) or, you can build a static realtime (but you have to restart all asterisk nodes to load the sip, extensions)…




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Thanks for your comments. Can you send me some more details of how you have implemented asterisk cluster with LAM / MPI.

With this, you can begin your research…


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We had been using asterisk from past long time. After conserning to varions asterisk developer and administrator we have build cluster with OpenSER.

We spent many months in searching various different ways to find how to build asterisk cluster. But the only method we found is to go with putting openser as your main node and that main node will divert requests to your asterisk servers.

This is the best approach you can proceed with.