Am I correct in thinking this?

I come from the Cisco Call Manager school of ip telephony “clustering” and I’m trying to figure out if I understand how to build larger networks using Asterisk. Everything I’ve read so far talks a bit about iax2 and/or dundi or setting up extensions.conf so each server has it’s own range of numbers. What I want to be able to do is grow an Asterisk system from 1 server to multiples without having to worry about what servers the phones connect to. I’ve read a bit about realtime and I think that will help. This is what I want to do:

Let’s say I’ve got company A and they have one Asterisk server. Company A grows and now we need another server. I want to be able to add another server that will share the configuration from the first server so phones can register whereever and still be able to reach users on either server. I don’t care about linux clustering or the high availability stuff, I’m more worried about the load balancing/failover capabilities.

For example, if I lose a CM server I can get the phones to re-register with a server that is online and everybody is happy. Is this easy enough to do in Asterisk?

If this is painfully obvious I apologize for asking, but I’m honestly confused by some of the stuff I’m reading in the forum.

Thanks for your help.


you must think in path of realtime configuration and databses.
see asterisk realtime in wiki