Hello, I am still new to asterisk, but have configured a small server for testing. I am looking into asterisk for medical facility with 1500+ phones and 400 trunks. Reliabilty and redundancey are my two main concerns.

I was wondering if anyone had clusterd blade servers together using a redundant SAN for a shared database. If they could be configured for load balancing, this would be great for reliablity and redundancy. You lose one blade you just pull it out and replace it but the whole system stays up because the other blades pickup the slack. You could even schedule reboots of production servers one each night of the week to keep your systems up and running clean.

Thanks in advance for any input.


it is possinle such way:
asterisk realtime configuration from database -> database cluster
you can configure routing to switch from one box to another if first is out-of-order. you must configure asterisks on all box via database

in this case all config in database -> database claster has very nice stability
and all client’s calls over router can balancing over your asterisks.

So what your saying is that if the main database was on the SAN and the asterisk blades were all clusted and configured the exact same I could use a router to load balance between the blade servers?


yes. if asterisk configured to realtime
i say, you not needed in SAN. Postgres, Mysql,oracle and many other database can do clustering without it.
the simplest way:you have one primary database and one secondary. primary commit all changes to secondary.
so if one database box ore one asterisk box fall, router transfer all requests to another.
but you still have problem)
you must use very stable system or hardware as router. :wink:

also you can do load balancing… but in this case you must use some kind of interconnect between asterisks.(if you need in interconnection, if you not using internal calls - you may configure all exact same.