Asterisk home server

I am completly new here, so would like to say “hallo” at the beginning.

I have a local network with 3 buildings. We are using one of VoIP operators with assigned external numbers to receive calls from outside. I have a ubuntu 11.04 serer running with some services, and I thought I can run Asterisk on it. I used asterisk repos to install it from the package (I believe it’s ver. 1.8). Everything went fine, but there are some issues I cannot manage.

  1. I can’t get to Asterisk’s web interface. I (think) am doing everything, what I could find in manuals, but no joy. I’m lost at the moment.
  2. I’m trying to run video calls locally, I have installed Zoiper on iPhones, bought H264 codecs, but it still doesn’t work.
    If you need some infos, please let me know what to paste here, so you can check out the settings.

Furthermore, I have found out, that I can also install Asterisk on QNAP TS-119P+ (ARM architecture with QPKG support). And I actually did it. Web interface works fine here, but no video calls too.

If anybody can help, if it’s ever possible to make video calls, or if I have to buy something, please ket me know.

I would like to make calls locally, instead of using VoIP provider.

Asterisk doesn’t include a web interface, although there are web interfaces available. The current preferred one is FreePBX. See for details and support.

On the second point, you will need to provide logging at sufficient verbose and debug levels to demonstrate a fault.