Asterisk@home Customization

Presently i am using asterisk@home and the current setup is as follows:

=> Asterisk box at siteA and Asterisk box at siteB

=> Our customers calls at siteA, tech spport is sitting at siteB we are
transfering the call at siteB for customer tech support.

=> We would like to know how much time customer spoken to
our tech support guy. So that we can pay the money to the tech
support guy for the time he spent.

Can anyone customised the MYPHPadmin so that we can track which cutomer spoken to tech support guy and for how many minutes.


It is possible to have Asterisk log CDRs for all calls on both switches. The Asterisk Wiki is not responding at the moment, so will attach these details later.

There are some standard reporting packages for Asterisk that may give you what you need, once again once I can get connected I will attach appropriate links.

And, if you do need customization, you would not want to customize ‘phpMyAdmin’, but have some custom PHP scripts written, which is a fairly straightforward process once you start loggin CDRs.

Here is some more details on the CDR database (for MySQL, also works with Postgres, ODBC, etc):

Also, some of the reporting packages: … Areski+GUI

Also, you may want to consider using call queues and agent logins if you would like more granular reporting.