Asterisk@home and grandstream


Hi, I have a grandstream GXP-2000. Does somebody know how to get the time and date in the display to work correctly. Everytime i reboot the phone it says,01-01-1900 and the tim 00:00. The timeservers in the config are set and the phone is connected to the web…



Never mind. Had to use IP adress. Url didn’t work…



are you sure the phone has a connection to the 'net ? there’s no blocking of ports in place ?

i’m pretty sure a@h ships with ntpd configured for it’s own use, you could edit the config files to allow the local network to sync with your Asterisk box.


The problem with an url was that the default DNS didn’t work so it timed out. Updated the DHCP scope restarted the phone with the url for the timeserver, and now it’s OK. But thanks for your reply.