Asterisk gui2 - making too many line in the users.conf

hi all,
now, asterisk gui2 works fine on the my embedded linux pc.
but, i have one problem on the asterisk gui2.
when i was using a asterisk gui2, i found out to make a null line in the users.conf.
why too many null line be generated, i didn’t find the cause of problem.

please help me!!

my asterisk’s configuration is below…

  1. linux version : the latest ubuntu version.
  2. asterisk version : 1.6.0-rc6
  3. asgerisk gui version : gui2
  4. where is be ? : my home ^^

i found out the cause of problem…

the cause of problem is asterisk package version with a agterisk gui2.

when i changed the asterisk version to 1.4.xx from 1.6.0-rc6, this problem didn’t appear in my asterisk system.

so, i search and search…

if we’ll use the asterisk version 1.6.0-rc6 with the asterisk gui2, we should change some source code.

static void insert_leading_blank_lines(FILE *fp, struct inclfile *fi, struct ast_comment *precomments, int lineno)
int precomment_lines = count_linefeeds_in_comments(precomments);
int i;

/* I don't have to worry about those ;! comments, they are
   stored in the precomments, but not printed back out.
   I did have to make sure that comments following
   the ;! header comments were not also deleted in the process */

#if 0 // here !!!
for (i=fi->lineno;i<lineno - precomment_lines; i++) {

fi->lineno = lineno+1; /* Advance the file lineno */

fi->lineno = lineno;